Reset is central NY’s biggest back to school party! nHowever, it’s not just an event- it’s a movement.
We are passionate about seeing students reset their lives — growing closer to Jesus and each other. This new generation will spark a movement that will change the world by carrying the name of Jesus to every student, school, city, state, and nation. We get to be a small part of that.
Reset is free for all attendees and church groups. Reset is put on by a group of local organizations that pool their resources together to make it all happen without even costing the price of a pizza.
Doors open at 6:00. You’ll be met by a host and given a welcome gift for your group. Next, you and your group will head to the gym where we’ll have tons of activities lined up. This gives your students an opportunity to enjoy some free time, hang out with their friends, and make new friends. Plus, there’s pizza.

We’ll play some Instagram-worthy games, sing some songs, and be challenged by practical & relevant teaching from the word of God. The event officially ends around 8:00 but we’ll probably let you stay, play, and eat some more.