How to Start Circles in Your Group this October

Jackson GarrellCircles

Step One: Let Us Know You’re In!
The Circles curriculum is totally free — the content, the coaching, and even the materials we send you. It’s all pro-bono. We do this, because we want to help you win. Please let us know that you want to start circles up in your ministry! We will walk along side you the whole way. You want a custom banner? We will do it. You want a phone call to pray and go over strategy? We got you. You want a muffin basket? We will look into it. We believe that equipping & empowering students to run their own groups will help you change your city and grow your influence in the community. Thus, our team is dedicated to helping you win. Reach out to us today!

Step Two: Print out some Circles promo material and put it in your space.
It’s amazing the impact of something tangible in this digital world — from printed posters to material you can hold. It goes such a long way. We have made promotional pieces to help you set up visual cues to promote Circles. Contact us and we will send you a package of posters, postcards, print-outs, screen graphics, and social media graphics to help you promote like a pro.

Step Three: Download the Circles discussion guides on the first week of every month.
The discussion guides will be on our website ready for you to download, print, or email out to your group leaders. We are big fans of printing out a few and displaying them on your large group nights. However, you can distribute the material any way you’d like.

Step Four: Celebrate Circles.
Celebration leads to replication. Always. If you want to see something repeated over and over again in your ministry. Celebrate it. We cannot wait to tell stories of life-changing impact in schools and cities because of a youth pastors who helped their students put the message into motion.