We is better than me. When we encourage our students to surround themselves with authentic community, we are giving them the tools to dramatically improve their lives — both socially and spiritually. Their faith will deepen and their commitment will develop.

Growth happens in groups. This is why we created the Circles curriculum for your ministry! We want to give you the tools to start small groups in your youth group. Feel free to download, adapt, and even just plain rip-off this content for your church.

There Are Three Ways to Leverage Circles in Your Ministry
1. As stand-alone small groups. This is where students gather in a circle, read through the content together, read through the scripture together, talk through the discussion guide, and pray with each other.
2. As part of your large-group gatherings. We have plenty of topics to chose from within our Circles Hub. You can simply select a bundle that matches your current series, then distribute it to your students to work through after the talk. This should help them put the message into motion.
3. As personal quiet-time. There is so much value in having your whole group work through the same study throughout the week. You can distribute these discussion guides for students to dig into on their own time. To really enrich this experience, give them a platform to discuss the questions together (Instagram comments, group chats, WhatsApp groups, etc.)

Step One: Sign Up for Circles
The Circles curriculum is totally free — the content, the coaching, and even the materials we send you. It’s all pro-bono. We do this because we believe in the value of this curriculum and we have seen these resources help students grow closer to Jesus and each other.

When you sign up for Circles, you are starting a relationship. Our team will walk along side you the whole way. You want some custom posters made for your group? We’ll do it. You want a phone call to pray and go over strategy? We got you. You want a muffin basket? We will look into it.

Step Two: Print Out the Promo Materials
It’s amazing the impact of something tangible in this digital world — from printed posters to handouts you can hold. It goes such a long way. We have made promotional pieces to help you set up visual cues to promote Circles. Contact us and we will send you a package of posters, postcards, print-outs, screen graphics, and social media graphics to help you promote like a pro.

Step Three: Distribute the Discussion Guides
The discussion guides will be on our website, ready for you to download, print, post, or email out to your group leaders. I am a big fan of print. However, you can distribute the material any way you’d like. Once you have the documents downloaded, all you have to do is print, pass out, then pray.

Step Four: Celebrate Circles
Celebration leads to replication. Always. If you want to see something repeated over and over again in your ministry, celebrate it. This ultimately creates a cycle that helps your ministry thrive and your students grow.

Want a password to the whole circles library?


Here are some resources to help you follow up from Reset!

— Three Week Sermon Series Called “Your Story”
— 21 Day Devotional on John
— 31 Day Devotional on Proverbs
Click the tile to download.